Services & Packages


You and your business need more than a beautiful website.


You need a website that converts your visitors into customers. That's what I do. Besides creating a gorgeous looking site for you, I will:

  • Strategically create and display clear Call To Action buttons on your site, telling your visitors what you need them to do to convert them into customers, according to your business goals. (Did you know on average people need to read "Buy Now" 8 to 12 times before they buy?)
  • Help you develope a clear and concise tagline.
  • Optimize your copy so your visitors know exactly what you offer and how to get your services and products.
  • Optimize your site for SEO. This includes: high-quality low-weight images (did you know search engines punish sites with big and heavy images? This is so important to rank well on search results), organize headings and subheadings Strategically on your site (this helps your visitors readability and also helps search engine bots to know what your content is about and show it to related people's search), and proper keywords and meta descriptions of your pages content.
  • Looking for a customized design, logo, or social media content? I work with an exceptional design team that will create what you need.

My Website Services

Wether you need a website from zero or update your current one, I can help!

Website Creation:

  • Lead generation landing pages
  • Sales landing pages
  • Simple website (home, services, contact, and about pages)
  • Online courses
  • E-Commerce & online stores
  • Email marketing & automations

Website Update:

  • Website renovation
  • Website design update
  • Website copy and content optimization
  • Migrating your website to a new platform
  • Adding new services and pages to your current website
  • Website maintenance


$120 per hour

10-hour package: $1,100 (Save $100) Valid for 30 days

20-hour package: $2,000 (Save $400) Valid for 45 days

*All prices are in USD

**Customized packages available for your needs.

Website Audit

Do you have a website that is not performing well and you want to know what can be improved?

I'll review it and give you a detailed written diagnostic.

Back-end Audit

This audit is about the base and structure of your website and all the technical aspects. Mostly for WordPress sites. I will check:

  • Theme and plugins functionality
  • Speed and files sizes
  • Hosting features and security
  • Unused and hidden pages
  • SEO and how your site is performing and showing up on search results
  • Up to 20 pages

This audit is perfect for slow and old websites. For this audit I will need admin access to your website.




Front-end Audit

This audit is about your website design, visuals, layout and copy. I will analyze how your site content could be affecting conversions. I will check:

  • Layout functionality across different screen sizes
  • How the content is organized and displayed 
  • The site's copy and how compelling and high-converting it is
  • All design elements (colors, contrasts, images, etc.)
  • Accessibility features for visitors with disabilities

Includes up to 10 pages and it's perfect for websites built 5+ years ago that need to be updated and want a modern and clean design.




Complete Website Audit

This audit combines Back-end and Front-end audits.  

This complete audit service is perfect for websites that have been published and functioning for a couple of years and are not functioning 100% well. Since programs are updated all the time, it's normal that your website needs maintenance. Most of the time you don't need to build a new one, your website just needs some love and attention to work properly. 




How to get your Website Audited:


Make the payment of your Audit package through PayPal here.


Email me your website information to


Receive your written report in one week and schedule a zoom call.