Success Stories

What happy clients say:


"Working with Angie is one of the best decisions that I've made for my business. She not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by going above and beyond. My sales page is more beautiful and functional than I could've imagined.  I love how she set a timeframe for her work and finished before the deadline.  I definitely plan on hiring her over and over again. I LOVE her personality and her work!" 

Jackie Flynn Ed.S, LMHC-S, - FL, USA


"Working with Angie was awesome. She helped me create exactly what I wanted, when I could not envision it myself. She was patient and helpful the entire process. I have already referred her name to several colleagues who expressed interest. She worked within my budget and needs. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing a beautiful website!"

Christy Shutok, LMHC, LPC - FL, USA


"I just want to take a moment to recognize our very own Angie Black.

She is a digital priestess (my label, not hers). Seriously awesome.

Not only has she helped me through my few little tech questions throughout B-School, but when I really needed some help she stepped right up to the plate and got my stuff DONE.

I was struggling so much and wasted so many hours.

She took over the troubleshooting, moving my email list to another provider, fixing my forms, making everything look good, and tested it all to make sure it was flawless. She even tweaked some things that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

If you need help with your website or email tech, hire her immediately. She is amazingly thorough, prompt, thoughtful, and affordable.

I am in no way affiliated, just really really happy with the service she provided me".

Steph Miramontes


"When I decided to build a website, I didn't know where to start. Luckily, I was recommended AngieBlack. She explained everything patiently, held my hand through the entire process, and gave me endless tips. I learned how to work with a design template, how to engage an audience, and even techniques  to make my site come up higher on search engines. With Angie's assistance and support, my website came out better than I'd ever thought possible”.

Anonymous - FL, USA


"Angie is AMAZING!  She went above and beyond with my website.  Not only did she manage to help me with stellar copywriting, she also provided me with tips on how my website can be more functional for each visitor.  Her expertise in this field is something to be admired.  And she knows that I lack the patience to be tech savvy so broke everything down for me in lay terms which is something that most people don't do.  My site is now much more inviting and has a cleaner aesthetic.  I couldn't be happier!".

Eva Wexler - New York, NY


“Before working with Angie, my prices were embarrassingly low. Angie helped me to adopt a luxury mindset to match the high-end nature of our products, and build profit into the pricing structure (what a concept!) She also transformed Kari's Kits into a destination for my customers. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”.

Kari Capone - NJ, USA


"Angie is my angel! I found her at a time when I was about to take on the huge task of building an online digital course. She suggested I let her build me a whole new website which I didn’t think I needed, and I’m so glad she did. My new one is much more supportive of my digital course, just like she said it would be, and much more functional than my other. Not only that, it’s the website I’ve always wanted - It’s gorgeous, creative and impressive! 

Angie took the time to talk with me several times to sort out my ideas and has spent countless hours on my project. Her communication is excellent: she is always an email away and has answers to any questions I’ve had. She’s also a bit of a coach…she has encouraged and given me confidence and great ideas the whole way through my project. If I’m ever stuck on something, she is able to help me figure it out. 

I look forward to working with her for years to come. Thank you so much Angie, anyone who works with you is in great hands!".

Rebecca Meyers - Anchorage, Alaska


"Angie is a dream to work with. Especially for people like me who are catching up slowly with the technical developments. Even if I didn’t know all the time what exactly I need it in my website, she knew how to ask questions which made easier for me the process of building it with the right structure. She’s not only a web designer, she is also a coach, and a good one. I’m really happy with her work”.

Gabriela Sirbu - Tromsø, Norway