Success Stories

What happy clients say:


"Before contracting Angie, I was nervous -- I had never worked with her before, and website design and development gives me the hives. But Angie came highly recommended by a trusted colleague and friend, and after our initial conversation, I knew Angie was the perfect person for me.

I wasn't sure how it would work to have a contractor in vastly different time zones than me, but it was easy to work with Angie. We communicated through email and Google Drive comments for the most part, and it was pretty easy to schedule video calls for complex conversations. I always knew I could reach her when I needed something.

Since Angie made my new website, I feel so proud to send people to my online presence there. I'm much more confident in how I'm represented -- especially when people find me organically. The website is my chance to make a fabulous first impression and it really does that job. It's gorgeous!

I also feel more confident when it comes to editing my site and creating new content. Angie's patient training session when we did the site hand-off really helped me feel secure in my ability to manage a lot of the site on my own. (But I would happily hire Angie to make big updates!)

I've already recommended Angie to two people, and will continue to do so. Angie is easy to work with, extremely competent, super-creative and fairly priced. Anyone would be lucky to work with Angie!

The website Angie created far exceeded my expectations. I just re-watched the video of our hand-off meeting and I said "this website is one million times better than what I could have created." Angie captured my essence and the site is an honest reflection of my business and my personality, which means clients will be pleased with what they purchase from me. Brand continuity is important!

Angie is a delight to work with! A cool human and beautiful soul. It's clear she cares deeply about her clients' success. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone at times, and I'm thankful, the website is better as a result."

Jenni Grover, Wellness Coach for Makers - Illinois, USA


"Angie is my technology go-to guru! She has helped me with all of my online business needs for many years - my websites, my learning platform and my email. Angie is kind, approachable, helpful, accessible, highly skilled and has an ability to teach me how to do things for myself. I've worked with many website designers and technology support people over the years and Angie Black is the superior to all the rest." 

Lynn Louise Wonders, MA, LPC, CPCS, RPT-S, Florida, USA


"I had a clear vision of what type of website I wanted and definitely what Angie did exceeded my expectations. The communication of our proposal is more clear for our clients and people interested in knowing better about our mission with the program. Not only clarity, but access to information has been key now. I would absolutely recommend Angie; she is not only very professional and knows her job, but she also is bilingual and really committed to giving her best in order to make her customer happy. She is the kind of supplier that walks and sweats with you the extra mile. I loved all of that commitment and caring for our demands. She is great! My go to for website development. Thank you Angie, you rock!"

Lina Tangarife, Communications advisor for Lazos de Agua Program, One Drop Foundation - Montreal, Canada


"Angie was referred to me by a very trustworthy friend and I would definitely recommend Angie to anyone! Working with her has been really easy, smooth, and effective. She captured with clarity what I wanted and manifested it in a beautiful web page. The timing deliveries were precise, and the content and functionality of the site are exceptional. I constantly receive compliments about the beauty and functionality of my website, there is more traffic through it and more sales also. The website she created for me has exceeded my expectations, so I will keep working with her for further projects. It is beautiful to work with someone who is friendly, clear, and available. And at the same time delivers great quality projects. Thank you so much, Angie!." 

Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, Mexico


"Angie Black is the best thing to happen to my business in a long time. Angie is efficient, work has been powerfully effective, and they are also pro-active, which I find very rare. Angie has found my tech problems, anticipated my problems, and fixed my problems while working for me, and I am very grateful for having Angie working with us. Our SEO has increased greatly, leading to a significant upswing in visibility and sales. In addition, Angie has found us an effective new platform for our learning management, and we are already getting great feedback from our clients. I could not be happier with Angie Black, and I highly recommend their work."

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, MA, CSES, Executive Director Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, LLC - Tucson, AZ, USA


"Angie, you made what would have been an overwhelming and onerous process smooth and worry free for me. Thank you for your heart, your creativity, your patience and your expertise. It feels great to have a fully functional e-commerce site up and running! Thank you and bless you!"

Anita Lubosch, Canada


"Antes de contratar a Angie, mi gran duda era si una página web era realmente mi mejor carta de presentación para promocionar mis servicios como abogada. Angie con su conocimiento me mostró las alternativas y concluimos que este era un buen camino para empezar. Después de poner en manos de Angie la construcción de mi página web, siento que tengo una carta de presentación para ofrecer mis servicios con seguridad. Me identifico con la imagen de mi página, desde el uso de la paleta de color hasta la forma en que comunica lo que soy y lo que hago. Siento que Angie entendió perfectamente mi necesidad de mostrar mis habilidades como abogada de forma sobria, estética, profesional y empática.

Recomiendo a Angie 100%. Es una mujer profesional, puntual, organizada y con amplio conocimiento para orientar a su cliente al mejor resultado posible. El resultado de mi página web realmente me dejó feliz y motivada para potenciar mi empresa a otro nivel.

Contacté a Angie por recomendación de alguien que me dio las mejores referencias de su trabajo. Mis expectativas fueron completamente satisfechas y quedé muy feliz con el resultado, tal como lo esperaba.

Trabajar con Angie para mí fue realmente un gusto. Me encantó conocerla y sentirme como una cliente valiosa e importante. Aprecié mucho su interés en entender mi negocio de servicios legales y el lenguaje técnico del mismo, buscando la mejor manera para comunicar mi promesa de valor de forma asertiva." 

Lina Ramirez, Abogada - Bogotá, Colombia


"Angie came highly recommended by one of my mentors who I have high respect for; so naturally I reached out and I am so glad I did! Since my website launched, and especially after some more updates, my business has exploded! I'm so busy right now, I barely had time to write this review! Thanks so much Angie, for taking my ideas and vision and bringing it to life, even better than I expected!"

Misty Hinnefeld, LCSW - Indianapolis, IN, USA


"Angie’s skills are mind blowing! She has the capability to thoroughly ask all the right questions to ensure my website's vision for my businesses were executed. I had the privilege of working with her for not one business of mine but two and she did an outstanding job on both business websites. The feedback of how beautiful both of our websites from customers continue to pour in and they love how easy it is to navigate on them. To see her successfully give me all of what I asked of her to do and more and in some cases on a very strict deadline  is why I continue to work with her and I highly recommend her services. Her customer service is fantastic and response time is quick.    It’s a no-brainer to work with Angie and have her create your business website to catch the eyes of your customers but even provide the necessary education in a captivating way that intrigues them to continue reading."

Kayla Boddy - Broadview, IL, USA &


"It was a pleasure to work with Angie on the new design! The new design can easily be adapted to new features and also makes it easier to browse and find things. We worked together to identify what was important and then made a plan to implement it. She made changes quickly and the whole site was also adapted to work well on mobile. The best part is that we have received positive feedback about the site from our fundraising community and are now better able to accommodate more information and requests for more downloadable resources!" 

Marita Mar - California, USA


"When I decided to build a website, I didn't know where to start. Luckily, I was recommended AngieBlack. She explained everything patiently, held my hand through the entire process, and gave me endless tips. I learned how to work with a design template, how to engage an audience, and even techniques  to make my site come up higher on search engines. With Angie's assistance and support, my website came out better than I'd ever thought possible”.

Anonymous - FL, USA


"Working with Angie is one of the best decisions that I've made for my business. She not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by going above and beyond. My sales page is more beautiful and functional than I could've imagined.  I love how she set a timeframe for her work and finished before the deadline.  I definitely plan on hiring her over and over again. I LOVE her personality and her work!" 

Jackie Flynn Ed.S, LMHC-S, - FL, USA


"Working with Angie was awesome. She helped me create exactly what I wanted, when I could not envision it myself. She was patient and helpful the entire process. I have already referred her name to several colleagues who expressed interest. She worked within my budget and needs. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing a beautiful website!"

Christy Shutok, LMHC, LPC - FL, USA


"I just want to take a moment to recognize our very own Angie Black.

She is a digital priestess (my label, not hers). Seriously awesome.

Not only has she helped me through my few little tech questions throughout B-School, but when I really needed some help she stepped right up to the plate and got my stuff DONE.

I was struggling so much and wasted so many hours.

She took over the troubleshooting, moving my email list to another provider, fixing my forms, making everything look good, and tested it all to make sure it was flawless. She even tweaked some things that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

If you need help with your website or email tech, hire her immediately. She is amazingly thorough, prompt, thoughtful, and affordable.

I am in no way affiliated, just really really happy with the service she provided me".

Steph Miramontes


“Before working with Angie, my prices were embarrassingly low. Angie helped me to adopt a luxury mindset to match the high-end nature of our products, and build profit into the pricing structure (what a concept!) She also transformed Kari's Kits into a destination for my customers. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”.

Kari Capone - NJ, USA


"Angie is my angel! I found her at a time when I was about to take on the huge task of building an online digital course. She suggested I let her build me a whole new website which I didn’t think I needed, and I’m so glad she did. My new one is much more supportive of my digital course, just like she said it would be, and much more functional than my other. Not only that, it’s the website I’ve always wanted - It’s gorgeous, creative and impressive! 

Angie took the time to talk with me several times to sort out my ideas and has spent countless hours on my project. Her communication is excellent: she is always an email away and has answers to any questions I’ve had. She’s also a bit of a coach…she has encouraged and given me confidence and great ideas the whole way through my project. If I’m ever stuck on something, she is able to help me figure it out. 

I look forward to working with her for years to come. Thank you so much Angie, anyone who works with you is in great hands!".

Rebecca Meyers - Anchorage, Alaska


"Angie is a dream to work with. Especially for people like me who are catching up slowly with the technical developments. Even if I didn’t know all the time what exactly I need it in my website, she knew how to ask questions which made easier for me the process of building it with the right structure. She’s not only a web designer, she is also a coach, and a good one. I’m really happy with her work”.

Gabriela Sirbu - Tromsø, Norway